Updated: 08 Sep 2021

Local Tours Vietnam - Best Recommended Travel Company on TripsPoint. 

TripsPoint is the travel space where you can book and review the unique day tours, Multi-Day Trips, Activities & Things to Do directly from local companies & people all the World around.

Today, we are very pleased to announced that Local Tours Vietnam is officially cooperated with Tripspoint. To book the best trip, please visit


TripsPoint become more and more popular among international travelers.

Discovering a new place on earth is the best feeling there is. So many impressions coming at you as you roam through a city or destination. But sometimes you need some guidance, especially if you are going to travel to less known or less popular destination.

Where are you and what is there to do here? Because what if you miss something? Now more and more travelers in Japan are using TripsPoint as the best solution when it comes to discovering a new city or region.

Book your tours from local travel companies.

No one knows the best way to experience a country better than locals. TripsPoint is the perfect platform where local operators are connecting with travelers. You can browse the offer of tours by category and destination. TripsPoint makes it easy to make your booking as all you need is a booking deposit to confirm your tour.

Did you like the experience, give them a review or recommend them to other travelers.


Every booking site has its own assessment system. But then you must have booked through that site. This is different for TripsPoint. You cannot book a hotel but can recommend and rate any hotel you booked somewhere else. In contrary to other review sites, this results in genuine reviews without the fake reviews. And in addition to the assessment, they also ask you to indicate which facilities the hotel has, you can upload photos of your own stay. This gives a more independent view of the hotel than just the photos of the beautiful places and rooms as supplied by the owner.


And in addition to your place to sleep and activities, you can also see on the TripsPoint website which restaurants and cafes are nearby and how they are assessed. Including photos of visitors.

I know that there are a number of apps (such as Yelp) that are specifically intended and therefore better for reviewing restaurants. But the combination with the tours, hotels, and attractions makes TripsPoint all-around where you have everything at hand in one place.

Contribute yourself

A review site cannot exist without a contribution from users. I myself try to leave reviews of hotels and restaurants on a regular basis. In California, a hotel owner once explicitly asked us to leave a review. He understood very well that a high figure sells more rooms. And he realized that we had a great time in his accommodation.

Besides leaving reviews for the local tours, travel destinations, accommodations, restaurants, and local attractions there are other ways to contribute to TripsPoint. You can review your whole trip and recommend the destination to other travelers. A great feature if you think you have a good eye for finding hidden gems off the beaten path.

If a review of a few sentences does not suffy, you can also write your own travel stories or even travel guides. This way you are not only sharing your unique experience with others, but you help them to experience the same.

Why TripsPoint is better than other review sites

While other review sites may have quite some reputation, there is one big disadvantage to them: the presence of fake reviews. This is because everyone can rate a tour, restaurant or accommodation, even though they have not used it. As a result, the rating loses some credibility, which makes that it loses its purpose. TripsPoint only allows users that have booked through the platform to leave reviews. This way other travelers are guaranteed genuine reviews and recommendations.

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