Updated: 18 Aug 2021


Not only me, there are many tourists, travelers alike visit Hanoi, Vietnam's historical capital. You can choose to start from Hanoi to the south or from the south to Hanoi. I absolutely love the charm of the Old French Quarter and the bustle of the modern city. There are many museums, you can visit and better understand Vietnam's history with 1000 years. Walking around Hanoi Old Quarter is very interesting, you can choose HANOI STREET FOOD WALKING TOUR to explore the food also the sightseeings. It is one of the best experience you must try. You can enjoy the hot bowls of pho, bun cha or cheap Vietnamese banh mi from a good vender or every street corner. You should spend around 1-2 days to explore Hanoi before you can explore Hanoi's around places such as: Ninh Binh, Sapa, Halong Bay...


  • Best street food, especially drinks with coffee and bia hoi ( local beer). Remember to contact me, so i can invite you the best local beer. 
  • Favorable Weather: There are four distictive seasons in Hanoi and you can enjoy the unique experiences. From August to April next year. It is very comfortable. Jun and July is very hot but you can choose to visit the beach/ sea nearby like Halong Bay...
  • Best street food, especially drinks with coffee and bia hoi ( local beer). Remember to contact me, so i can invite you the best local beer.
  • Museums/ transquil pagodas and temples : Where you can learn Vietnamese history, Vietnamese religions
  • Vibrant traditional handicraft villages: Famous with ceramic villages, silk villages...
  • Amazing sightseeings with coolest sports for photos
  • Local lifes: Incredible chill vibes
  • From Hanoi, you can easily visit other amazing areas of Vietnam: Such as Ninh Binh, Sapa, Halong Bay.

You can spend your valued time to watch the below video, it is in short, you will fall in love with my little city.  You choose from 1000 amazing videos about Hanoi.


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  • Hanoi Old Quarter: Walking around, see the local venders, foods and local products, buy the soveniers.  As one of the city's hot-spots, Hanoi's Old Quarter is considered the main business hub as well as the best tourist spot in the city
  • Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour: It is new but a must thing to do. You can enjoy the local food with many special tastes.  You can experience authentic Vietnamese food also cultural sightseeing tour in Old Quarter. Here is the complete information about Hanoi Street Food.
  • Water Puppet Theatre: Performing-arts venue presenting theatrical water puppetry shows with accompanying music.
  • Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son: A rare breed of turtle enjoys this popular lake almost as much as countless locals and tourists.
  • Dong Xuan Market: Hanoi's largest indoor market, offering a wide range of goods such as fresh produce, souvenirs, accessories and clothing, as well as. Especially you should never miss weekend nights with night market where you can find many great soveniers and local food.
  • Hanoi French Quarter:  A typical area in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is a cultural heritage, especially cultural architecture and urban planning in this city.
  • Temple of Literature:  A rare example of well-preserved traditional Vietnamese architecture where is dedicated to the Confucius & honors Vietnam’s finest scholars.
  • Vietnam Museum of Ethnology: An insight into the 54 different ethnic groups of Vietnam in an effort to preserve cultural heritage and promote socio-cultural diversity within the country.
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: The resting place of Vietnamese Revolutionary leader & President Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Thang Long Imperial Citadel: An outstanding place of interest not only for the capital city, but also for the country as a whole. The Citadel witnessed a series of dramatic changes throughout the history of Vietnam and braced itself through a number of destructive wars.


Hanoi is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam, offering visitors many exciting experiences. To enjoy the best of Hanoi, one of the crucial factors to consider is choosing the appropriate travel time. I will clearly mention the different times to visit Hanoi. We highly recommend you to visit Hanoi from September to May, it is the best time to travel.

  • Spring (from January to March) 

In spring, the weather in Hanoi is cold and at a high level of humidity. The average temperature at this time of the year is around 14 to 20 Celsius degrees. The spring rain is often very light and is one of a distinctive characteristic in Hanoi. As this pattern of weather is perfect for the plants to develop and the flowers to bloom, spring is the time for you to behold the thriving of tropical nature. Moreover, spring is the time for Tet Holiday (the most important and longest festival of Vietnamese in one year).

  • Summer (from April to June)

Differing from spring, in summer, the weather is burning hot with sudden heavy rain in the afternoon. Hanoi’s summer is quite severe with the average temperature around 30 degrees and changes dramatically due to the global warming issue.  Heavy rain is another identified feature of Hanoi’s summer, tourists are suggested to bring an umbrella or a raincoat when leaving their accommodation. Because of the extremely high amount of rainfall, in the summer, floods may occur in some parts of the city for many hours causing difficulties on travel. However, in summer, tourists can try many unique tropical fruits, some of those fruits can only find in Vietnam such as dragon fruit, jackfruit, lychee…

  • Autumn (From July to September)

Hanoi Autumn starts from July and ends in September. In this season, there is very little rain and the weather is mostly milk and nice with the moderate humidity in the air. Hanoi autumn is the most charming season of all for its average temperature of 25 degrees, warm sunlight and cool wind. Visiting Hanoi in autumn, tourists have a chance to see the change of leaves color, enjoy the peaceful autumn landscapes or try some Hanoi specialties such as green rice flakes.

  • Winter (From November to December)

Winter is the most extreme season among the four seasons of Hanoi. The average temperature is low at around 11 Celsius degrees. There is no rain in winter so the weather is dry and freezing cold. Due to the effects of monsoon, in December and January, Hanoi can be extremely cold and experience some severe mist creating a picturesque and dreamlike landscape. Tourists visiting Hanoi in winter are suggested to bring serious clothes to keep them warm and prevent getting a cold. However, Hanoi winter is very popular for its famous delicious specialties like hot pot or barbecue which can warm up the chilly days.


If you’re planning your first trip to Hanoi, it’s important to know exactly which area and hotel that’s best for you for a hassle-free holiday in the capital of Vietnam. Home to French-inspired architecture, broad boulevards, expansive lakes, and Buddhist pagodas, Hanoi is a charming holiday destination that’s relatively easy to explore.

This compact city is divided into several districts, each offering unique dining, shopping, and nightlife experiences as well as accommodation options of varying styles and budget levels. But i highly recommend you to stay in Hoan Kiem District - Centre of Hanoi with popular Old Quarter.

Hoan Kiem (Hanoi City Centre): How to decide...

Hoan Kiem is Hanoi’s commercial centre, where prominent attractions such as Hanoi Opera House, National Museum of Vietnamese History, and Ngoc Son Temple are easily accessible on foot. Set north of Hoan Kiem Lake is Hanoi Old Quarter, which houses charming colonial architecture, art galleries, boutique shops, street markets, and Buddhist temples, while the French Quarter on the south hosts most of Hanoi’s luxury hotels, government offices, embassies, financial institutions and upmarket shopping malls.

Why to stay in Hoan Kiem district?

- People looking for cheap hotels and backpacker hostels (Old Quarter) - Many options for you.

- People looking for sophisticated five-star hotels (French Quarter) - Many options with high quality.

- People looking for a busy nightlife scene - Conveniently travel around.

- Authentic Vietnamese food - As i mention before: Hanoi Street Food is the best option.

- Plenty of local handicrafts and souvenir shops.

- Restaurants and bars cater to different budgets.

But please note: 

  • Very busy: the area can get packed street vendors and motorcycles.

You can take a look at Wanderlust Travel with amazing video about Hanoi Old Quarter where i suggest you to stay